Thursday, October 9, 2014

Glass Chandeliers

By: madhusudan sharma On: 2:42 AM
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  • This one i got on flickr. Lined up in different colors and shades. Really beautiful work.

    Following is the art work from Dale Chihuly

    Roof made of glass
    Amazing combination of light and glass. i am really amazed by transparency and the ability to transmit and multiply the shining of light and its color

    Suits well in gallery and other places. Just keep the kids away

    Nice chandeliers

    flower chandelier

    giant chandelier
    Look at the size of this chandelier !! Amazing


    Wednesday, October 8, 2014

    Lampwork Ring Glasswork

    By: madhusudan sharma On: 1:54 AM
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  • I promised you to bring in some of the best and uniquely crafted ring made with glass. So here are they. They will suit on your hands plus give you a bit of different and unique look. These rings are made from solid glass. These are manually crafted with fire and lampwork beads, all of the steps of making these jewelry are performed manually.

    Capturing whole world inside this ring

    anaconda ring 
    Equilibrio : which means balance. This ring is crafted with glass and silver decoration and great idea behind it by Tatiana


    Collectible Lampwork Items

    By: madhusudan sharma On: 1:13 AM
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  • Today i managed to find some of the collectible and unique designs for lampwork ideas. The sources of the glasswork items may differ but i would say one thing that these are uniquely crafted.
    Octopus glasswork  VIA

    Shells and designs


    little collectible items made ​​of glass

    Oh! Well, see what skillful hands can create ! Beauty!

    flower crafted with glass

    lampwork watch

    Tuesday, October 7, 2014

    How to create a crystal bracelet ?

    By: madhusudan sharma On: 4:34 AM
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  • This DIY article will allow you to understand how to create a crystal bracelet by yourself. 

    Things needed :

    8mm crystal dumplings ,
    pearls 4mm,
    bent nail bracelet.
    strings ,
    ring and
    bracelet lock latch / hook shrimp

    HOW to ?
    First of all put the string into the stopper just as you can see in the image.Then bend it towards the opposite side ad insert it into the stopper. You have press the stopper to make it fix, now as per image second you have to insert the nail and then a single pearl crystal dumpling of about 4mm in that string,now the tip of the string should be inserted back to the other end of nail.Then again insert second nail to the string make sure that you follow the  directions shown in images to make it look beautiful.Now put in crystal dumping just as above and repeat process. Repeat it till it completes the length of circumference of your hand. In the end add the stopper at the end of bracelet just like when you had done during start up.

    Glass Berry Beads

    By: madhusudan sharma On: 12:50 AM
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  • These are simply beautiful. They seem so perfect that for once i thought of them as real. Click on images to view bigger size.
    Decorating the bead

    berry designer beads

    Matt Toho 11/0 three shades.

    raspberries beadwork

    Thursday, October 2, 2014

    Frog jewelry Lampwork

    By: madhusudan sharma On: 9:35 PM
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  • I am really amazed by these creative frog jewelry.These different earring jewelry will steal your heart. It is all lampwork and all rights for these images are reserved by Anna Ivanova. Really admirable work by her.

    glassbeads handmade

    frog lampwork glass

    yellow frog jewelry work

    How To Make Spiral Bead Cage ?

    By: madhusudan sharma On: 8:38 AM
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  • Following is the tutorial to create spiral bead cage.
    First of all cut 8 " of copper wire
    Make the coil end inward just as shown in picture from both sides.Then follow steps as shown with figures.